Digital Insurance: a new directory

Digital transformation requires continuous change if the insurance market wishes to keep pace with innovation. This is not simply a technical reflection, but must feature solutions identified to support companies in their increasingly customer oriented focus.
this theme is one of the most debated topics in the sector. Companies must face new challenges coming from the digital age and find the solutions which will support them in this transformation.

Italy is no exception, the millions of people connected to digital devices every day is testament to this. User power is already so great that they have no need to directly contact an insurer to ask for a quote. Statistics show that a value of around €40 billion of policies is coming from on line insurance operations. Every insurance company must constantly analyze the efficacy of their product range and adapt it to market requirements.

With the goal of helping the reader to find the very best solution for the digitalization of their business, Gruppo Euris presents Digital Insurance, the brand new on line directory.
The toughest challenges concerning the digital transformation will be analyzed and the most suitable solutions will be proposed, solving all needs in the quickest time possible.