The value of time in competitiveness: Insurance Review interview with Alessandro Vanzo

Insurance Review is back speaking about Gruppo Euris and our latest news in insurance: the LISA platform.

In the October issue, an article was dedicated to the question of the value of time in the insurance market.
Alessandro Vanzo, Director general of Euris group, told of how LISA was born: “We asked ourselves about the problem in the speed of market evolution compared to that of IT systems”.

The “Time to market” question in the digital age is one with which all players, insurance companies and their IT service providers, must be fully engaged if they want to stay competitive in today’s aggressive market.  “LISA’s flexibility – Vanzo continued – meets these challenges head on, cutting costs and time which would otherwise be necessary to update systems through traditional methods”.

All of these characteristics, combined with the simplicity of integrating LISA with existing systems, means the customer experience and customer service will be greatly enhanced, creating the competitive advantage for companies implementing this platform.