Time To Market: the new digital challenge

The challenges insurance companies face these days are indeed many: economic recession, changes in the relationship between intermediaries and business agents, and, last but not least, the need to achieve digital efficiency.
The near future sees adoption of Anglo-Saxon working practices: brokering and multi-agents for retail contracts will become more prevalent and the contracts themselves, including corporate, more complex. This while keeping a distribution model through direct channels for more simple retail contracts.

In such a scenario, insurance companies are strictly limited by systems, infrastructure and obsolete technological workflow, often both inflexible and unsuitable. As well as this, there is also the burden of financial costs of administration in keeping prices competitive.

The direct and most telling consequence of the rivalry between digitalization and obsolescence is seen in lethargic time market. This leads to many inter-connected problems, including:

  • excessive personnel on back office operations;

  • numerous and expensive manual operations, both for governance of critical process and innovating and adapting business process to the commercialization of new products, not forgetting the introduction of new business strategy.

The bottom line? Greater difficulty in becoming market leader.


To effectively overcome such critical situations, each and every company needs to know how to become a digital company, implementing an end to end distribution model which:

  • Simplifies processes and products, allowing interaction through digital touchpoints.

  • Business model digitalization: develop tools and applications specific to sales and post sales.

  • differentiate to compete: creating exclusive skills in one or more digital sectors

All of this is possible thanks to LISA, the new solution from Gruppo Euris.

LISA is a technology platform whose implementation leads to significant improvement in efficacy and efficiency of internal processes also bringing great opportunities in terms of economy of scale. It is made up of a suite of integrated tools that allow insurance processes to be visually modelled, designing executive and single tasks to be carried out.
LISA automatically interfaces with all necessary components for the construction and use of a complete product, creates governance rules and calculation functions in actuary search engines from one or more portfolios. All of this through latest specification design graphics for simulation, validation and maintenance of business process.


Thanks to LISA you will enjoy flexible, highly functional and re-usable tools.

LISA gives your business the flexibility and speed that you have been looking for.
Build and implement the complete management infrastructure in a few simple steps and seriously cut your time to market.